Today, we are in the information society and have data on almost anything imaginable. As far as education and our children are concerned, we know perfectly well how they are at an academic level, both in languages and in mathematics and science. But do we know anything about how they are doing emotionally and in terms of values? Do we know how they are developing on a personal and human level?

One of the great problems we have as a society is precisely the little importance we give to the part that makes us unique and differentiated beings, in short, human beings: values and emotions.

For this reason, from BIOT we promoted a pilot project to see if we were capable of quantifying and monitoring the personal and human development of children, in order to have a much more effective and efficient impact on it.

After 2 years, we are able to present BIOT360.

BIOT360 is the first methodology that manages to quantify and monitor the personal and human development of children and adolescents, through an innovative and unique system that seeks to improve society by empowering the next generation.


Children and youth



Unique and innovative tool

The BIOT360 program is implemented in sports clubs, because the extracurricular activities are the environment where children are shown as they are, with the maximum naturalness expected. At the same time, it is an environment with a giant potential, since 600 million children in the world practice sport. And if we add to this figure that only 1 in 1,000 children become professionals, we find the real importance of sports clubs as training agents to enhance the personal and human development of our children, beyond the purely sporting.

And it is here where, hand in hand with coaches and coordinators of sports clubs, together with families and schools, BIOT360 aims to close the circle that involves the development of children and adolescents.

Based on a self-created software, intuitive and innovative, which uses the latest technology focused on education and development, BIOT360 tool stands as a reference to contribute to the development of future society, and make our world a better world for our children.