BIOTACADEMY is much more than a sports academy.

In this program, sport and leisure are not objectives in themselves. They are a tool to promote the empowerment in values ​​of the most vulnerable children and youth, and thus enhance their personal and human development, as well as their physical and motor capacities, which will favor them during their growth and development stage.

The program has objectives that are hidden from the naked eye, aimed at keeping them away from conflictive and criminal environments, promoting gender equality, integration in communities and the employability of young people. And is that if we know that sport moves the world, why don’t we use it to improve it?

Based on the enormous potential of sport as an inclusive and educational tool, and as a means of promoting development, the BIOT Foundation creates BIOTACADEMY, which, through a system of training, leagues and tournaments, seeks to enhance personal and human development, with education in values ​​as a fundamental axis of the program.

The BIOT Foundation contributes to the implementation of the BIOTACADEMY program in centers where educational, health, family and psychosocial resources are offered to the most disadvantaged children, with the aim of improving their personal and human development.

BIOTACADEMY is a space for training and development that is key to their future.


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