Vacation periods are times when loneliness, boredom and disaffection play a very negative role in the development of children and adolescents who find themselves without family or whose parents have lost custody. In these situations, their development is often truncated, and after certain toxic environments are taken advantage of, they fall into crime networks, drugs, gangs, prisons…

Through our volunteer program, we offer SOS Children’s Villages a set of educational, recreational and sports activities that complement BIOTACADEMY during the holiday periods, as well as training for all those young people who want to devote themselves to the world of education, or other areas that request it.

The BIOT Foundation contributes to the implementation of the BIOTHOME program in centers that offer educational, health, family and psychosocial resources to the most disadvantaged children in Africa, with the aim of improving their personal and human development.

BIOTHOME is a space for education, values, family, refuge, fun… In short, BIOTHOME is their home.


Children and youth reached

Youth involved

School absenteeism


The BiotHome project lasts all year, but the volunteering takes place in July and August.

The project is carried out in the SOS Children’s Villages complex of the City of Bata, in Equatorial Guinea.

Volunteering has a minimum duration of 3 weeks, and a maximum of 8 weeks.

The cost of volunteering is:

Registration: € 150

Management and training: € 200

Cost at destination: € 125 / week

Round-trip transfers from the airport to the village.

Accommodation and meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner from Monday to Sunday)

Weekend excursion (beach, jungle, towns …)

2 weekends of classroom training (accommodation and meals included, Saturday and Sunday)

Voluntary equipment (shirt and sweatshirt), guide and material for the project.

Travel management, advice and supervision (in Spain and in Equatorial Guinea).

Participation certificate.

Round-trip flights: Madrid-Malabo, Malabo-Bata and transfers to Madrid airport.

Entry visa.

Travel insurance.

Cost of vaccines and pills against malaria.

Cost of the criminal record certificate.

Personal expenses in Equatorial Guinea (dinners outside the village, extra outings, buying souvenirs…).

There are approximately 15 places available per month.

The volunteers stay and live in the SOS Children’s Village itself.

BIOT provides a Volunteer Guide where all the questions related to the trip are specified. In addition, the health center where we direct you, has all the updated information on the vaccines to be given.

No problem. Write us at and we will resolve all the questions you have.