The FutBiot is a different football tournament.

The program seeks to empower children in grades 5 and 6 in primary school in order to enhance their personal and human development through football and a unique methodology that aims to foster values ​​such as respect, fair play above competitiveness, teamwork and gender equality, all instilled in football.

FutBiot is a space for social inclusion and cohesion, where children have fun playing sports, leaving aside cultural, physical and social differences. Additionally, educational goals are pursued, such as cohesion with the class group, meeting new friends from other schools, and playing with the healthiest values ​​of football.

And participants are in a stage of growth and learning, the perfect stage to inculcate values, healthy habits and social skills that are totally essential for their future adolescence.

We educate in values, create a link between sport and school, consolidate common goals and walk together.

So if we know that football moves the world, why not use it to change the world?



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The tournament is held for one day.

It starts at 9am in the morning, and ends around 6.30pm.

Minimum 7 people and maximum 10.

Team components may or may not belong to the same class group.

And if you are a mix team, you get extra points!

Se pueden inscribir todos aquellos niños y niñas que estén cursando 5to o 6to de primaria en la localización donde se realice el torneo.

ANDORRA registrations until April 13th (included).

GIRONA registration until May 15th (included).

BARCELONA registration until June 7th (included).

  1. To register you must fill out the form that you will find on this web.
  2. Once sent, you will receive an email with the instructions for making the payment.
  3. Make the payment, just wait for our confirmation, and you will be registered with FutBiot!

IMPORTANT: Each member of the team will have to register and pay individually.

We have a physiotherapy service on site to evaluate and treat minor injuries.

In case of serious injury, the emergency services and the child’s legal guardian will be notified immediately.

El precio que se paga es simbólico y sirve para dos causas: potenciar los valores de la solidaridad y la responsabilidad, y ayudar a financiar los proyectos sociales de la Fundación BIOT.

The registration fee includes a game t-shirt, a backpack, a tournament bracelet, unlimited water and lunch.

Yes. The venue has a bar area, where both participants and families can buy what you need.

Yes. In addition to the batch you already have with your registration, the first 3 classified will have special prizes.

FutBiots made

Boys competitors

Girls competitors



Gerard Piqué/

FC Barcelona player/

FCBarcelona’s central and owner of FC Andorra highly evaluated the first edition in the Pyrenees: ”Our arrival at FC Andorra is more than a sports project, it is a country project. For this reason, it is a pleasure to see how this first tournament was born thanks to the involvement of Andorran society. And I was really excited about the BIOT project, and since I was introduced, I have never hesitated to give full support”.

Aitana Bonmatí/

FC Barcelona midfielder/

Bonmatí, on the other hand, emphasized the work of FutBiot on gender equality: “personally find it okay, especially for girls, to start playing with boys, because it can help them a lot, because boys usually work more physical. You don’t have to play with girls to be a girl. Lately women’s football is growing a lot and I think FutBiot is a good initiative to help it grow even more”.

Sergi Gómez/

Catalan defense player of Sevilla FC/

“Personally, I am really proud to be a collaborator and an important person in the foundation, because it is not just a matter of putting the ball inside, but of transmitting to children very good values ​​that, if they understand and share them with their peers, they will be fundamental factors in his football and personal career. ” He also values ​​”the involvement of players like us, who know us, who watch us on television. So what better way to show them the good part of football?”

120 volunteers