Flaviano Luis Nzobeya, new Biot coordinator in Equatorial Guinea

After the agreement was signed with SOS Children’s Villages, the project has begun to operate at an early stage, coordinated by one of our youth, Flaviano Luis Nzobeya, who lived in the village, and who after has been teached for 4 years, takes the reins of project coordination.

This initial phase will cover September to June, and will be the adaptation and preparation of the team, who, from September 2020, will have to work at full capacity.

The second phase, or training phase, will take place during the months of July and August, where the team will receive extensive training to ensure the operation and success of the project.

A project that will take children ‘s afternoons and weekends with sports and leisure activities, and will move them out of conflictive environments, enhance their personal and human development, and combat absenteeism.
The supervision of the project will be carried out weekly from Barcelona, and once a quarter, a team will travel to the area to follow up on the field, readjust those points that need small changes, and carry out the corresponding trainings.

From BIOT, we trust in Flaviano since he was very young, who was passionate about education applied to the field of social exclusion as a tool to help them move forward.
And finally, after much effort and dedication, he can dedicate himself and lives his passion and sees his dream comes true.