Football: values, cohesion, inclusion and education

Players or people? This question arises after visiting base football fields throughout Catalonia. Coaches and family prioritize the results instead of learning and education. Constant disrespect, forgetting that they are not numbers but children who are playing the ball.

Hence the courage to claim the relevance of sport, including football, as a social and educational tool. We are in a clear situation where values are declining. Why should the winner is who score the most goals and not the ones who strive or show solidarity with their teammates? What future society do we want? We educate in a network, create continuity between school and leisure, consolidate goals and walk together.

We have managed to create a space for social inclusion and cohesion, where children have fun playing sports, leaving aside cultural, physical and social differences. There are already many people who have participated in FutBiot despite having physical or intellectual functional diversity. We seek equity, generating opportunities and experiences for all who are willing to live them.