Kosmos League and Kopa Kosmos, values football in Bata communities

This March will launch the Kosmos League, a local football league in Bata where teams from the different communities where BIOT is acting with the help of SOS Children’s Villages, together with a team from the village.

Formed by 8 teams, each weekend will be a round, with the exception of the Easter holidays, which will take place the Kopa Kosmos, where the 8 teams will face each other in a direct tie and a single match with the rules of FutBiot during a week in order to enhance values through sport.

The Kosmos League will be a different league, where gradually, different and unique rules, generated by the teams themselves, will be introduced to become the key to change.

BIOT not only will manage the league, but all teams will be fitted with t-shirts, pants and boots. In addition, all the material necessary for the proper accomplishment of this league, will be provided.

The final phase, or playoffs, will take place during the months of July and August, coinciding with the arrival of the Foundation’s volunteers, so that communities and volunteers can enjoy together the final party of the Kosmos League.