The FutBiot 2020 Tour is coming!

This year 2020 is full of strength. After a collaboration agreement with the Kosmos company, which is owned by Gerard Piqué, FutBiot is gaining momentum.

Once Andorra’s FutBiot is fully established and rooted in the Pyrenees, where this year’s second edition will take place, the FutBiot has the great challenge of reaching the two largest Catalan cities: Girona and Barcelona.

It is projected to have a cumulative impact on about 1,200 boys and girls, and we will reach about 2,500 people, counting together children, families and volunteers, who will live intensely what a FutBiot day represents.

By now, we are already fully involved in the planning of the 3 days, which will be held on May 9 in Andorra, at the FC Andorra facilities, on June 6 in Girona, as well as at facilities of the Girona club, and on June 28 in Barcelona, at the Municipal Sports Complex of La Marbella.

So, schools in Andorra, Girona and Barcelona, get ready! The FutBiot will come to see you in your classrooms so you can take part in this special and unique event!

See you soon!